Bucas Shamrock Power

Bucas Shamrock Power

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The Shamrock Power is an ideal multi-functional rug – it performs superbly as a sweat rug, travel rug and light stable rug.

It is manufactured using two layers of Bucas Stay-dry fabric, the unique Stay-dry functionality saves time and rug changes – and ensures that the horse is always comfortable. The anti-bacterial lining helps to keep the rug fresh and in good condition.

The Shamrock Power is available in two versions, classic cut and full neck and is machine washable.

Dual-layer Stay-dry fabric for maximum strength and wicking capacity
Stay-dry lining wicks moisture away and ensures that the horse is always dry
Anti-bacterial lining to protect your horse and keep the rug fresh
Low friction outer finish minimises the amount of bedding material from sticking
Padded Front area provides additional comfort and protects from front strap and fasteners
Shoulder darts for extra shoulder room and a perfect fit
Internal Elastic surcingles to keep the rug in place
Fillet String included

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